The Cat Advantage: Why Buy or Rent Cat Equipment

The Cat Advantage: Why Buy or Rent Cat Equipment

Cat® offers numerous benefits. With its bright yellow vehicles, Caterpillar has a product line that stands out from the crowd. But visuals are not the only reason this company has excellent equipment. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should rent or buy a Cat®, now’s the time to evaluate what sets Caterpillar apart from the rest. You’ll get great benefits with one of these incredible machines. See just how much of an advantage you’ll have.

Benefits of Choosing Cat Equipment

Benefits of Choosing Cat Equipment

When you choose Cat products and dealerships, you gain quality products and extensive support. Even rentals have the benefit of dealer services. You will find both from Cat dealers such as Riggs CAT. Cat dealers have employees trained to know about the equipment and what it needs. The stores themselves are stocked with all the supplies any Cat vehicle owner could need. The dealer is your gateway to accessing all the support Caterpillar offers its clients. Along with these benefits, you can feel confident that Caterpillar will remain strong for years to come, giving you reliability for the future.

Continued Support

With both purchases and rentals, you get multiple benefits that continue long after you’ve left the dealership. Our support includes a variety of maintenance tasks and equipment that will keep your Cat running long into the future. In fact, when factoring in the purchase price, longevity, resale value, operating costs and maintenance, your Cat machine will have a lower cost compared to competitors. The many services and support Caterpillar offers for your equipment after purchase include the following:

Cat Aftermarket Support

  • Technical Support: Any time of the day or night, you can get technical support from Caterpillar.
  • Caterpillar Parts: Whether you need parts for repair or replacement, we have them specifically made to work with your Cat vehicle. You’ll be able to search online 24/7 for parts or stop by your local Cat dealer.
  • Tools: Caterpillar also has the tools and other supplies you need for your vehicle.
  • Fluids and Filters: Fluids need regular replacement in your Cat vehicle, as do the filters. We’ve got both.
  • SOS Fluid Sampling: SOS Fluid Sampling analyzes fluids from your vehicle to detect systemic problems, potentially alerting you to the need to service your Cat machine before a breakdown. This service keeps your equipment running at its best.
  • Certified Rebuild Kits: Keep your rebuilt parts at the same caliber as the original with certified rebuild kits from Caterpillar.

Rental Support

Caterpillar values its vehicle renters as much as it does equipment purchasers. If you opt to rent a Cat vehicle instead of purchasing one, you’ll still get support from your dealer. Here are some perks you’ll enjoy when you rent Cat equipment:

Cat Rental Support

  • Delivery and Pickup: We’ll bring your equipment to the jobsite. Let us know when you’re done, and we’ll arrange for a pickup of your rental.
  • Attachments for Your Cat: When you rent from us, you may also require additional accessories for your equipment. To ensure you get properly fitting Cat tools, talk to your rental dealer. You’ll get attachments that will work with the vehicle you’ve rented.
  • Reliability: Thanks to the Caterpillar name, you can be assured that you are renting quality equipment with the features you want.
  • Pricing: The prices of our rental equipment are reasonable, especially considering how long-lasting and robust the vehicle is. We will also work with you financially whether you choose to rent temporarily or want a rent-to-own option.
  • Financing Options: You won’t have to wonder for weeks if you’re approved for financing. We strive to return financing decisions as quickly as possible, so you can get the equipment you need.

Cat Performance and Reliability

When renting or purchasing from a company that offers support long after the transaction, you want to be assured the business will still be operating for years to come. You will then get the benefits for your purchase long after you bought the equipment. These benefits are why Caterpillar is a company to do business with. The company’s strength has kept it running strong for decades, even through national recessions and depressions.

The function of Caterpillar provides high-quality, long-lasting machines that are long-term investments for businesses. Because the equipment lasts for decades, clients gain the benefit of knowing they made a quality investment. But often, purchases ebb and flow with the economy. For three-month periods in three different years, the sales at Caterpillar dealers across the country rose and fell. In April 2004, sales were up 43 percent, down 52 percent in September 2009 and up 53 percent in September 2010. The company has learned several ways to deal with this roller coaster ride to stay on top.

One of the features that sets Caterpillar apart from other brands is the strength of its local dealers. At the dealerships, clients can find a selection of equipment, expert knowledge, quality service, attachments and much more. Rentals, used equipment, service and accessories help bolster the company’s sales during economic recessions. It’s the expert knowledge and support found at the dealerships that make Caterpillar stand out from the crowd.

Riggs Cat Company Strength

As Caterpillar moves into the future, its legacy of more than 90 years in the construction business and 1.4 million vehicles in operation around the world make it a well-known name in the field. The company is not resting on its laurels, though. On the corporate level, Caterpillar strives to make its equipment better adapted to its clients’ requirements. Quality for products has improved 40 percent, and the lineup is expanding to fulfill clients’ needs. Some technological upgrades the company has introduced include the following options:

  • Remote Control Operation: For a better view of the entire site while freeing a worker from the cabin, remote control operation makes operating the vehicle safer for the operator and the jobsite.
  • Grading Efficiency: With new technology, grading efficiency increases by 50 percent.
  • Equipment Operations: Other options include a system to track the performance of Cat vehicles in operation in a fleet. Tracking performance helps cut downtime.
  • Reduced Load Times: Payload improvements cut the time it takes to pick up a load, resulting in a more productive job.

Technological improvements in its products have been one way the company has continued to adapt itself and its product line to the changing times. But how it runs its business has also changed to take advantage of what has made Caterpillar a staple of the construction industry around the world. Since 2010, the company has increased its focus on maintaining its strength, regardless of economic challenges. The company’s new policy focuses on its business’s advantages through the Operating and Execution Model. This strategy seems to be working. During the first three months of 2018, profits were $2.108 billion, compared to $380 million at the same time the year before.

With its focus on product quality and selection and continuing to make the best heavy equipment in the field, Caterpillar remains a reliable company. The company has been in business for several decades, and its business decisions ensure that it will continue to provide the same great products and services sought by its clients for decades to come.

Exclusive Options Found Standard on Cat Products

Exclusive Options on Cat Products

Caterpillar has a reputation for long-lasting equipment. The vehicles sold by this company also stand out for their features. Many functions you might think would be optional come standard on almost every Cat vehicle. These features are part of why Caterpillar has a reputation for well-crafted machines. When you invest in Cat equipment, you are putting money into your business for years to come. It’s not unusual for owners to get 22,000 hours or more out of their Cat vehicles before needing to make major repairs. For more information about the features and vehicle selection you have, talk to your local Cat dealer.

1. Foot-Controlled Travel

Free up your hands for other operations with foot-operated travel controls. Cat vehicle operators can push the travel controls with one or both feet. Foot throttles are a similar version of foot-controlled travel that allows for full, two-handed operation of the controls. Regardless of the design, you won’t have to worry about not having complete control over all the functions of your Cat vehicle. You can propel it forward while still moving the attachments as needed. The better operation will boost your productivity on the job.

2. Enhanced Canopy Visibility

Jobsite safety should be the number one priority, and part of keeping an active worksite safe is improving the visibility of those operating the heavy equipment. With a full field of view, the operator can see in front and above the cabin. Because operations on jobsites often occur above and below a typical line of sight, adding visibility above the cabin makes the site safer. Equipment operators will see hazards in time to avoid them instead of reacting to prevent a collision. Additionally, because many operations require reaching above the cabin, visibility through the roof allows the operator to do a better job.

3. Long Lasting Dozer Blades

Long Lasting Dozer Blades

When you get a dozer, the blade needs to work forward and backward with little wear. Cat dozer blades have a reinforced use edge. Additionally, the edges of the blade remain in place, even when moving back. You’ll find the same attention to detail with all Cat attachments, and more durable attachments mean the parts you get for your Cat equipment last for years. Cat products work as hard as you do. When it comes to choosing heavy equipment and components for them, it’s the little touches that make a difference. Added benefits to help you work harder and longer are part of what Caterpillar does.

4. Cabin Comforts

Just because you work hard doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort. The operator cabin makes it possible to give more focus to the job at hand and not to discomfort. With creature comforts added into the cabin like a heated seat, how your body feels while running the equipment will not come to mind. Other ways Caterpillar makes the operator more comfortable include an air-suspension seat with the option for a high-back. Lumbar support prevents back strain, which can sideline even the toughest workers. Focus on operating the equipment more because you have less discomfort in the cabin. Better focus on the job makes the jobsite safer and the work more productive.

5. Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security

Theft of heavy equipment is a serious problem. Caterpillar has several means of boosting vehicle security to prevent unauthorized individuals from starting the engine. To start the vehicle, the operator must know the security code. A code input system comes standard on Cat vehicles. A more advanced security control system is optional, but it can save the operator settings for seat height and more for up to 50 different people.

This security feature has proven effective. In 2013, a Cat machine was stolen from a jobsite. The security system kept the criminals from starting the engine for several hours. After failing to start the engine, the criminals abandoned the stolen vehicle, allowing the owner to get it back. The standard security display helped protect that Cat vehicle, and it can do the same for all the equipment in your fleet.

6. Efficient Engine Cooling

Operating a construction vehicle requires running it in all types of weather. Even in the heat of summer, the engine needs to operate at a safe, cool temperature. For vehicles that use hydraulic fluid for the attachments, the fluid must also release built-up heat. Caterpillar created a highly efficient cooling system that simultaneously cools the engine’s coolant and the hydraulic fluid. This system uses a side-by-side configuration for safe, fast heat dissipation. With a well-designed means of getting rid of the engine and hydraulic heat, the entire system can operate at its peak, regardless of the weather.

7. Two-Speed

Two-speed motors give you more options to help you get the job done faster. These come standard on many Cat models. If you want to know if a model you’re interested in has a two-speed motor for operating the tools, ask your dealer about models with this option. More speeds give you finer control, increasing your working ability on a jobsite.

8. Simplified Tool Usage

Simplified Tool Usage

Caterpillar makes it easier to use hydraulic tools with easier flow changes. You won’t have to search for a switch far from the operator’s seat to change the flow direction based on the tools you’re using. With the flick of a lever, you can quickly and easily change the flow direction. With the simplified operation, you can get more done while taking less time. The result is a more efficient worksite.

9. Easy Work Tool Installation

Just as Caterpillar made it easier to switch flow for using tools, the company also added means to make changing tools even easier. Like all the features on here, the easier tool installation design comes standard. On the vehicle, the stick is where the hydraulic line ends. At the terminus, Caterpillar installed a quick disconnect to make removing and switching tools as fast as possible. With the ability to shift the flow with a single lever movement and quick disconnect, Caterpillar makes it easier than ever to use different tools with your equipment. The option to use multiple tools quickly increases the versatility of the vehicle, raising its value for your business.

10. Safety Features

While the number of fatalities from vehicles on construction sites has been on a steady decline between 2006 and 2010, from 2003 through 2007, deaths from vehicles averaged 100 per year. To help reduce this number, Caterpillar added multiple standard safety features to construction equipment.

Travel alarms alert those nearby that a vehicle is moving near them. This alarm comes in handy on jobs of all sizes, large or small. It can be even more beneficial in some instances on smaller jobs without professional workers. The alarm is highly effective at letting untrained personnel know to leave the area to make room for the vehicle.

Other safety features Caterpillar puts on its equipment as standard features include rearview mirrors, backup alarm, horn and work lights. The interlock system uses a safety bar to prevent movement of hydraulic components.

These features work to prevent accidents from happening, but other parts of the vehicle are used to keep an accident from becoming worse. These other safety components include dual emergency exits from the cabin. If the engine stops with the payload up, you can still get the load down into a safe position. Hydraulic accumulators and dead-engine lower options both are designed to make it easy for a person to lower the load even if the engine stops.

While these safety features protect the driver, another critical aspect of keeping the driver and the machine operating for as long as possible is creating a smooth ride.

11. Smooth Ride Suspension

Construction sites have rough terrain that can be hard on operators and vehicles. To prevent excessive wear on both, Caterpillar installed a suspension system that maintains traction while giving the operator a smooth ride. By protecting the cabin from shocks and bumps, the payload remains stable, with a lower chance of spilling. Preventing lost loads makes your work as efficient as possible.

Smooth Ride Suspension

The smoother ride for the operator also means a reduced strain on the equipment. Too many shocks can wear out the parts of a vehicle. Preventing the shocks of rough terrain from moving up to the vehicle means the suspension system protects the equipment and the driver. The equipment will run longer with less wear, and the driver won’t encounter extreme fatigue from feeling too much movement and jostling in the cabin.

12. Easy-Operation Joystick Controls

While operators should have training, using a construction vehicle should not be difficult. Cat machines have easy-to-use joystick controls. If you can play console-based video games, you can learn to operate a Cat. To drive the vehicle, you don’t need extra pressure and movement on the controls. The standard joystick controls are easy to use with the slight push of your hand.

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The time to decide on your equipment is now. If you’re wondering whether you should buy a Cat machine, consider renting. Both options offer all the advantages of Caterpillar and benefits after the transaction to keep your equipment running. Partnering with a Cat dealer lets you tap into the long history of Caterpillar and the tools it’s created from that experience. We have learned what Caterpillar clients need most, and our products have evolved to make it a must for any jobsite.

At Riggs Cat, we’ve been in business since 1928, operating as Arkansas’s first Cat dealership. Since then, we have helped those across the state to get the heavy equipment their jobsites need. With our extensive experience with the Cat line, we know how to help our clients get the edge they need with quality, long-lasting products.

In Arkansas, turn to us for all your Cat equipment needs. We can provide you with vehicle purchases, rentals, service and parts. You can even find out about financing your Cat machine. To find out more about renting Cat equipment or making a purchase, contact us at Riggs Cat. You can contact us online or talk to one of our staff at (888) 906-9228.

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