Asphalt Pavers

New Cat® Asphalt Pavers for Sale in Arkansas

Paving is rigorous work that demands high-quality equipment. When you find the best paving equipment, the work moves more efficiently, and the final result is more impressive. At Riggs CAT, we offer a wide selection of new Cat asphalt pavers for sale. These new asphalt pavers deliver the efficiency and performance that contractors and other professionals have come to expect from Caterpillar®.


Browse Our Selection of Asphalt Pavers

We offer a variety of new Cat asphalt pavers for sale. Different customers come to us with unique needs for their work or upcoming projects, and our selection is designed to offer solutions for varying needs. Here’s a look at the different types of new asphalt pavers you’ll find at Riggs CAT:

  • Screeds: For decades, screeds have been used to efficiently and effectively provide paving services. We offer a number of different types of screeds for customers who prefer this approach when searching for new asphalt pavers in Arkansas.
  • Track Asphalt Pavers: Track asphalt pavers provide more stability and other benefits when you’re searching for new Cat asphalt pavers in Arkansas. The type of paver that will work best for your operation depends on the nature of your paving work.
  • Wheel Asphalt Pavers: Wheel asphalt pavers can work much more quickly than their tracked counterparts, in addition to providing other benefits. Again, the best type of paver for your business depends on your projects and unique needs.

We also offer a variety of other paving equipment including compactors and road reclaimers. Compactors are specifically designed for applications such as soil, landfill and paving, while road reclaimers will help you fix old and deteriorated roadways. No matter what equipment you need, you can count on a rugged and durable Cat machine.

You Can Find Quality and Affordability

No matter what type of new asphalt pavers you’re exploring, you want both quality and affordability — not one or the other. By offering new Cat asphalt pavers in Arkansas, we’re able to promise long-term durability and performance at a price that delivers value. You have many different options when looking for new asphalt pavers, but only Caterpillar can provide equipment that helps improve your work on a day-to-day basis at a reasonable price.

We Offer Ongoing Dealership Support

The team at Riggs CAT is here to help, even after your purchase. You can turn to us for ongoing support as your new asphalt paver needs regular maintenance and support. Even if you just have a quick question about an asphalt paver or other equipment, we’re always glad to provide answers.

Riggs CAT Delivers the Best Equipment

Demand quality by choosing Riggs CAT for the latest in machine technology, lease options and replacement parts. We offer eight locations across Arkansas so that we can quickly serve our clients. Whether you’re in the market for new Cat asphalt pavers for sale or something else entirely, you’ll find the best products and the best customer service at Riggs CAT.

Browse our selection of new asphalt pavers in Arkansas, and contact us with any questions that come up during your search.