New Cat® Excavators for Sale in Arkansas

As the authorized Cat® equipment dealer for the state of Arkansas, you can trust Riggs CAT to provide a brand-new, high-quality excavator at an affordable price that will take your worksite capabilities to a higher level.


Excavators can perform multiple roles on a job site, from digging and material handling to forestry work and river dredging. While primarily known as powerful digging machines, excavators can also serve companies well in applications such as material handling, forestry mulching and demolition. It's even possible to equip an excavator with saw and mower attachments to handle brush cutting tasks.

Caterpillar® manufactures a complete line of world-class excavators that deliver superior performance, remarkable versatility and maximum fuel efficiency. They also come with an industry-best warranty for your protection and peace of mind.

Riggs CAT: Your Exclusive Source for Brand-New Cat® Excavators in Arkansas

As the only authorized Cat equipment dealer in Arkansas, Riggs CAT supplies the latest new Cat excavators to companies throughout the state. We carry a full complement of mini, small, medium and large excavators, as well as machines specifically designed and built for demolition tasks. With such a diverse assortment of excavators, you're sure to find the one that offers the ideal combination of power, digging capacity and versatility that will meet your job site requirements. And with legendary Caterpillar reliability, you'll know you're purchasing or leasing a top-quality, rugged machine that's built to last.

Regardless of size or model, all our new excavators contain the latest features and most advanced technologies that will enable you to complete your work faster, more efficiently and safer than ever. Innovative ACERT® engines will deliver all the muscle you need while conserving fuel and complying with critical emissions guidelines. These advanced engines are expertly matched with hydraulics to ensure dependable and efficient performance for even your most demanding jobs. The simplified controls make the excavators easy to operate and contribute to enhanced job site safety.

Explore the Wide Range of New Excavator Options

The folks at Caterpillar recognize that no two industries are alike and that each company faces a unique set of worksite challenges. When you choose Riggs CAT as your equipment supplier, you'll have access to a wide assortment of new Cat excavators for virtually any application. Available options include:

  • Mini excavators: Although they may be the smallest Cat hydraulic excavators on the market, these nimble machines deliver big-time performance and productivity. What's more, their compact dimensions allow them to reach areas that are off-limits to larger, bulkier pieces of equipment. The simple controls also make mini excavators easy to use, relieving the burden on your operators.
  • Small excavators: If you need just a little more muscle at your job sites, small Cat excavators can supply the additional horsepower you demand. Their advanced hydraulics and fuel-efficient engines will boost your productivity and lower your operating costs. Choose from a wide variety of work tool attachments to increase the excavator's versatility.
  • Medium excavators: Ranging from 20 to 35 tons, these excavators are perfect for your mid-sized and even some heavy-duty job site applications. Innovative features from Caterpillar such as Grade Assist and Payload ensure a significant increase in operator efficiency, resulting in faster project completion times and fewer errors.
  • Large excavators: Large Cat excavators are available in sizes up to 90 tons, making them ideal for bulk earthmoving and heavy lifting projects. They feature powerful yet surprisingly fuel-efficient ACERTTM engines for peak performance. The advanced hydraulic systems keep the machine on task while the newly designed cabs will keep your operators fresh and productive during a long day on the job.
  • Demolition excavators: Demolition applications present a unique set of challenges. Cat hydraulic demolition excavators are purpose-built to handle whatever they encounter at the job site. They provide unwavering strength and stability along with maximum ease of use required to meet demolition worksite objectives. And with legendary Caterpillar durability, these extraordinary machines can withstand the rigors of repeated heavy use.

Experience All the Benefits That New Cat Equipment Delivers

No matter what size or type of new Cat excavator you choose, you can count on getting a hard-working, reliable machine that will exceed your productivity and dependability expectations. Your excavator will spend more time on the job site and less time in the repair shop, ensuring the lowest possible cost of ownership. You will also have access to the most advanced technologies on the market, which will keep your company one step ahead of the competition.

Plus, with the emphasis on worksite safety these days, you will appreciate the Caterpillar commitment to producing the safest heavy equipment on the market.

We Do Much More Than Just Sell Equipment

Riggs CAT has been serving Arkansas since 1927. A key reason for our longevity is our willingness to provide exceptional service after the sale. You can count on us to have all the replacement parts you need to keep your machines on the job for years to come. Order parts online on a 24/7/365 basis and have them delivered to one our 58 convenient drop box locations throughout Arkansas for convenient pickup. And if we don't have the item you're looking for in stock, we can typically have it for you within 24 hours.

We also operate full-service repair and machine shops that can handle any mechanical issue quickly and efficiently. Our well-trained, highly skilled technicians have the expertise to work with today's advanced hydraulic systems. If you ever need equipment repairs at the job site, our 50+ field service trucks are always ready to roll. What's more, we offer the latest SITECH construction technologies that can maximize your project results.

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