Intimidator UTV

Combine Work and Play With the Intimidator UTV

At Riggs CAT, we offer several types of Intimidator UTVs for sale, which are all manufactured in Arkansas with American steel.

Whether you're looking for a way to break your boredom or tackle your work-related projects, Intimidator UTVs deliver. With their competitive prices, tough quality and thrilling performance, they're a trusted choice for families and businesses across Arkansas.

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Types of Intimidator UTVs for Sale

At our eight locations across Arkansas, you'll find four different kinds of Intimidator UTVs, including:

  • Classic Series: We offer all four versions of the Classic Series: the 1000cc Kohler® Diesel, the 800cc Intimidator Gas, the 750cc Kohler® Gas and the 48 Volt Electric. For Kohler models, a one-year bumper-to-bumper and three-year engine warranty is included, while the Volt Electric and Initimatdor Gas include a one-year limited warranty. Every Classic Series model offers seating for three adults plus a full-sized bed. For towing and payload, you can haul up to 2,100 pounds and take a payload of 1,600 pounds, unless you're driving the Volt Electric, which features a 1,500-pound towing capacity and 1,200-pound vehicle payload.
  • Enforcer Series: Beat the 50 mph speed of the Classic Series with an Enforcer UTV, which can reach up to 55 mph. Unlike the Classic Series, the Enforcer Series includes one Intimidator UTV model: the 800cc Intimidator Gas. Towing and payload also differ. The Enforcer UTV boasts a towing capacity of 2,300 pounds and a payload of 1,400 pounds. It also offers an 18" ground clearance, 4" gear lift and wide track width to make off-roading better than ever.
  • Truck Series: When you want an Intimidator UTV to work for you, you go with the Truck Series. With seating for three adults as well as a truck bed that can convert into a flatbed, your team can accomplish what you need to with less hassle and labor. The Truck Series comes in two different models: the 1000cc Kohler® Diesel and the 750cc Kohler® Gas. Each delivers 2,100 pounds in towing capacity and 1,200 pounds in payload. Like the Classic and Enforcer Series, the Truck Series includes a nine-gallon fuel tank.
  • Crew Cab Series: If you're shopping for a large crew or family, the Crew Cab Series offers the seating you demand, with six premium bench seats. The Crew Cab Series features similar models to the Classic Series: the 1000cc Kohler® Diesel, the 800cc Intimidator Gasand the 750cc Kohler® Gas. Apart from the 800cc Intimidator Gas, the Crew Cab Series comes with an industry-best three-year engine and one-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. While its payload is only 1,000 pounds, the Crew Cab Series delivers a 2,100-pound towing capacity.

Uses for Intimidator, Truck, Crew Cab and Enforcer UTVs

For farmers, hunters and other people who need access to off-road destinations, the all-terrain vehicle — or ATV — was a temporary breakthrough. However, if you want to go beyond basic recreational off-roading, there’s simply nothing better than the passenger and payload carrying capabilities of utility task vehicles, also referred to as UTVs. And of all UTVs, the Intimidator Truck, Crew Cab and Enforcer are what driving off-road with safety and confidence is all about.

Whether you're looking to purchase an Intimidator, Truck, Crew Cab or Enforcer UTV for business or fun, you'll find plenty of ways to use it. From farming to off-roading, UTVs are multi-purpose vehicles that give you the freedom to roam and reach otherwise tricky locations — and Intimidator delivers the performance, safety and durability you need. Just look at the reviews for Intimidator UTVs to see how popular they are.

From camping and recreational applications to agricultural and off-grid construction projects, the Intimidator UTV series opens the door to the great outdoors without having to sacrifice hauling strength, passenger space or driving performance. Whether your objective is to have fun times, productive uptime or both, you’ll want to take advantage of those times by having a UTV that’s ready to go when you are. That’s why the Intimidator UTV is also one of the most reliable off-road vehicles on the market today.


Of course, going off-road typically means you don’t have to deal with heavy traffic like on a busy roadway. However, this doesn’t mean you can reserve safety for the highway. As a matter of fact, the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association — or ROHVA — exists to remind all North American off-highway vehicle operators of the responsibilities involved when driving off-road.

With accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), ROHVA also sets standards for the safety of off-road vehicles designed to minimize the risk of rollovers. And that’s why, for your safety and the safety of those you transport, we’re pleased to report that the entire line of Intimidator UTVs is built and thoroughly tested to meet all ROHVA safety standards.

Since so many UTV owners will wind up transporting colleagues, friends and family members, either during work or recreational hours, it’s also important to keep the following safety tips in mind whenever you get behind the wheel of an Intimidator UTV:

  • Only drivers whose age matches the minimum recommended operator’s age in the vehicle’s manual and who have a valid driver’s license should operate the UTV.
  • Only drive sober — no alcohol, no drugs, no exceptions.
  • Be cautious on inclines. Don’t drive aggressively and risk a rollover.
  • Drive with control and don’t go beyond your capabilities, ever.
  • Don’t try to perform stunts, jumps or any other type of risky maneuvers.
  • Always take your time on new terrain you’re not familiar with.


As we’ve seen, Intimidator UTVs are highly adaptable and built to safely transport you and your passengers. In addition, however, there are several reasons why choosing an Intimidator UTV is the smart choice for those who want performance they can count on.

From bumper to bumper, one of the biggest reasons to choose an Intimidator is because of the quality of its construction. As an American-made product, the Intimidator series is built to last. Simply put, your investment in a quality vehicle means you won’t be disappointed when it’s time to get to work or get away from it all. And since these vehicles have large, durable components, their maintenance is easy to perform so your Intimidator UTV stays in top shape for the entire time you own it.

Finally, along with their quality and reliability, Intimidator UTVs are also highly innovative and customizable so you get to choose just the right vehicle design for your applications, instead of ever having to settle for a manufacturer’s limited selection.

Do More With an Intimidator UTV

At Riggs CAT, you'll find several models of Intimidator UTVs for sale, from the Classic Series all the way to the Truck Series. No matter which family of UTVs you decide on, you can expect the competitive Intimidator UTV pricing and performance that sets the company apart from other manufacturers. To make the purchasing process uncomplicated, we offer a few different financing options, including leasing, to meet your financial needs.

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