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LS Tractors for Sale in Arkansas at Riggs CAT

When you want more tractor for your money, you go with LS. The award-winning company, which comes with more than 35 years of experience, delivers a range of high-quality equipment for managing and caring for your customer's property or yours. At Riggs CAT, we respect the quality and performance of LS, which is why we maintain a sizeable inventory of LS tractors. And with eight locations across the state, we're a leading LS tractor dealer in Arkansas.

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Types & Models of New LS Tractors for Sale

At Riggs CAT, you'll find new LS series tractors for sale, including the following models:

  • MT: The sub-compact MT 125H TLB and TLM models both feature an eco-friendly and fuel-efficient 25 horsepower Yanmar engine, plus a six-year limited warranty, four-wheel drive and industrial or turf tires. If you're looking to use your tractor for mowing, hauling and digging, you can add a six-foot backhoe and 60" mid-mount mower to your LS tractor package.
  • XG: For tougher projects, you'll want a compact tractor from the XG Series, which includes a five-year limited warranty. Up your power with the 40 horsepower of the LS XG3140H TLBor 35 horsepower of the LS XG3135H TLB. You can also stick with the 25 horsepower of the LS XG3025H TL. Like the MT Series, you can choose between industrial and turf tires, plus agriculture tires. We also offer some LS tractor packages with an added a 72" finishing mower or 6' backhoe.
  • XJ: When your property or customers requires year-round support, you trust the XJ Series. Not only can you add a 6' backhoe and 60" mid-mount mower, but also a 50" snow blower for combatting harsh winter storms. Like the XG Series, this family of compact LS tractors includes a five-year limited warranty. They also offer a 25 horsepower Mitsubishi engine, which is fuel-efficient. Included in your LS tractor's price is your choice of industrial or turf tires.
  • XP: If you're operating a medium-sized farm, the XP Series of heavy-duty utility tractors is a smart choice. They come with a five-year limited warranty as well as an eco-friendly engine that ranges from 84 to 101 horsepower, depending on your model. The LS XP8101CPS TL reaches up to 101 horsepower while the LS XP8084CPS TL clocks in at 84 horsepower. As a part of your LS tractor package, you can add a quick attach, self-leveling front-end loader and grill guard.
  • XR: Another compact series of tractors from LS is the XR Series, which features 35, 45, 50 and 55-horsepower models. They also include a five-year limited warranty, plus your pick of industrial, agriculture or turf tires, which is pre-included in your LS tractor's price. Instead of adding a 6' backhoe, like other LS tractors, you can equip a 7' one. If you choose a cab model, it'll have heating and AC to keep you comfortable throughout the year.
  • XU: For the best performance in heavy-duty jobs, there is the XU Series of utility tractors. Choose between a 55 or 65 horsepower engine as well as industrial, agriculture or turf tires. If you need a backhoe bigger than 8', these new LS tractors for sale are compatible with an 8', quick-attach backhoe, which can lift up to 3,065 pounds.

Applications for LS Tractors

Some common ways that farmers and contractors use LS tractors include:

  • Hay operations
  • Livestock Ranches
  • Medium-sized farms
  • Residential properties
  • Commercial landscapes
  • And more

Due to their availability in sub-compact, compact and utility models, you can find LS tractors for sale in Arkansas that meet your operation's size no matter how big or small.

Upgrade Your Job With LS Tractors

At Riggs CAT, we offer a variety of new LS tractors for sale as well as competitive prices and package deals to meet your budget. Our different financing options, from leasing to payment plans, also provide you with the flexibility and freedom to purchase new or pre-owned equipment on your terms and without dipping into your company's saved funds.

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