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As the official Cat® equipment dealer for the state of Arkansas, Riggs CAT offers the latest Cat motor graders for sale or lease.


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If your business is road construction or paving, then you understand the importance of having reliable motor graders at your disposal. Motor graders feature a long blade that can create the smooth surface that's required when building and maintaining highways. They can flatten a soil surface to prepare it for the placement of a top layer of asphalt. Caterpillar®, the world's undisputed heavy equipment leader for nearly a century, produces a line of high-quality motor graders that will provide the fastest and most efficient way to create smooth, flat surfaces at your job sites.

When you partner with Riggs CAT, you will get a reliable machine at an affordable price backed by the best service in the Mid-South region.

Riggs CAT Can Supply the Right Motor Grader for Your Needs in Arkansas

As an authorized Cat equipment dealer in Arkansas for more than 90 years, Riggs CAT is your single source for the latest motor graders. Brand-new Cat motor graders come in a wide assortment of model types, giving you maximum flexibility regarding engine size and power capacity, as well as essential characteristics such as bore, stroke and blade range. You'll also get the best warranty coverage in the industry. Our knowledgeable sales staff will take the time to learn about your specific applications and recommend the best machine for your requirements and budget. We'll also help you explore whether purchasing or long-term leasing is the more viable option for your company.

The newest motor graders contain the most advanced features that will enhance productivity, reliability and safety at your job sites. State-of-the-art electronic and hydraulic systems ensure smooth performance in even the most challenging work environments. World-class cabs with ergonomically designed controls will increase your operators' comfort, allowing them to remain fresh and productive throughout a long day on the job. Technologically advanced ACERT® engines deliver the ideal combination of power and fuel efficiency while ensuring compliance with today's stringent emissions standards.

You'll Find the Ideal Grader for Your Needs and Budget

When you visit one of the eight Riggs CAT dealer locations in Arkansas, you can choose from a wide variety of motor graders, including the revolutionary M-Series line. These state-of-the-art machines feature an advanced cab design and easy-to-use joystick controls for enhanced operator comfort and productivity — they're perfect for roadwork, heavy construction, mining and more.

Examples of specific M-Series models include:

  • 12M3: The 12M3 offers ample power and precision for jobs such as snow removal and highway maintenance. The muscular Cat C9.3 ACERTTM engine also delivers exceptional fuel efficiency and complies with today's stringent Tier 4 emissions standards. Choose from a wide range of attachments such as ground engaging tools and a rear ripper to increase the machine's versatility and performance capabilities.
  • 160M3: This robust grader provides the extra force needed for heavy-duty site preparation, road building and snow removal projects. This machine is equipped with two electro-hydraulic joysticks with electronically adjustable control pods that enable operators to maneuver and position it more efficiently, helping improve visibility, safety and comfort.

In addition to M-Series models, other Cat motor grader options include:

  • 24: The 24 motor grader is the ideal machine for haul road maintenance and for increasing productivity at mining sites. The Cat C27 ACERTTM engine features a 535 hp capacity to handle your most daunting job site challenges. The advanced modular design of the main components simplifies machine servicing, which will reduce time and money when it comes to preventive maintenance.
  • 140: The 140 grader gives you access to integrated technologies from Caterpillar such as stable blade and cross-slope options for optimal grading capabilities. There's also an ergonomically designed cab for increased comfort. You can also reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent by taking advantage of the fuel-saving ECO Mode feature.

New Cat Machines Are Built to Last

The last thing your business needs is heavy equipment that spends more time in the repair shop than at the job site. When you buy or lease a new Cat motor grader from Riggs CAT, you'll know you're getting a durable, hard-working product that won't let you down when you need it. The newest Cat models also include the most advanced technologies on the market, allowing you to get more work done in less time. And nothing beats a Cat machine when it comes to maximizing your resale value — you'll get top dollar for your trade or when putting your grader up for sale.

You'll Have Access to Superior Service for as Long as You Own Your Motor Grader

We carry a complete selection of replacement parts for every Cat motor grader model. In fact, we now stock more than 51,000 line items across our eight Arkansas locations. You can order parts online on a 24/7/365 basis and have them delivered to one of our convenient drop box locations throughout Arkansas. And if there's an item you're looking for but can't seem to find, just let us know — we can typically have it for you within 24 hours.

When it comes to service, our expert technicians can handle everything from basic preventive maintenance tasks to complete engine rebuilds. We can also perform extensive hydraulic and machining work — our facilities include fully equipped machine shops. What's more, Riggs CAT is the only authorized Trimble dealer in Arkansas, enabling us to provide the latest SITECH construction technologies to companies throughout Arkansas.

Stop By to See Our Motor Grader Inventory

The best way to get to know our line of new Cat motor graders is by visiting the Riggs CAT dealer location nearest you. You'll get to meet our team and learn more about the equipment, and we'll be happy to discuss financing options while you're here. You can also give us a call or contact us online for additional product and pricing information.