Spartan Mowers

Spartan Lawn Mowers

Building from the ground up, Spartan lawn mowers have the best features to take the mowing industry by storm...clean, even cut, longest durability, most simplistic design and strongest frame. We are confident you will find our Spartan line of mowers is built better and stronger than the competition, all the while offering an unbelievably comfortable ride, great look and more value.

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Types of Spartan Mowers for Sale

At Riggs CAT, you'll find several different models of Spartan mowers for sale, including the following:

  • RT HD: With a three-year engine warranty plus a one-year full commercial warranty, the Spartan RT HD delivers on its promise of durability. This Spartan mower comes in two different deck sizes to match your needs: 54" and 61". It also features a nine-gallon tank plus a keyless ignition that requires a personal code to deter theft and unauthorized use.
  • RT Pro: What sets the Spartan RT Pro apart from the Spartan RT HD? It’s the powerful Kohler and Briggs and Stratton engine. This Spartan lawn mower also features a fixed 75" Roll Over Protection System (ROPS). In comparison, the Spartan RT HD's is foldable and 54". Both of these Spartan mowers include a six-inch deck depth, plus an LCD control panel for operation.
  • RZ Pro: For contractors, the commercial performance and residential price of the Spartan RZ Pro is a significant advantage. Features worth highlighting include the mower's two-year hydraulic drive warranty as well as minimum two-inch cut height. As you'll notice on this Spartan mower's spec sheet, it comes in the same deck heights as the Spartan RT HD but has a slightly smaller five-gallon tank.
  • SRT HD: The Spartan SRT HD includes many of the features found in our other Spartan mowers for sale, such as GT Trac for improved incline traction as well as a three-year engine warranty. What makes the Spartan SRT HD a competitive choice is its two-year full commercial warranty and three deck sizes: 54", 61" and 72". This Spartan mower also includes a nine-gallon tank and reaches up to 11 mph, plus offers Smart Ride Technology to limit shock from bumps and impacts. This is a great choice if you have a large area to mow and maintain.
  • SRT Pro: As a part of the Spartan SRT Series, the Spartan SRT Pro features Smart Ride Technology. It also matches the cut height of the Spartan SRT HD at 1.25" to 4.5", as well as its fuel capacity. To ensure operator safety, the Spartan SRT Pro comes equipped with a 75" fixed ROPS, while the Spartan SRT HD features a foldable version.
  • SRT XD: For the best of the best, the Spartan SRT XD is a smart choice. Even with its powerful features, from a horsepower rating of more than 35 to a speed of up to 13 mph, this Spartan mower's price matches the company's values of manufacturing affordable American-made mowers. Like all of the above models, the Spartan SRT XD includes a Precision Deck Height Dial for quick, hassle-free adjustments.

Spaces for Spartan Mowers

Whether you're a small-time contractor or a business-grade landscaper, you can use Spartan mowers for the following lawn and garden applications:

  • Commercial landscapes
  • Residential yards
  • Golf courses
  • Country clubs
  • And more

Since our inventory of Spartan mowers for sale features GT Trac, you can also rest easy when tackling projects with hills.

Discover the Power of Spartan Lawn Mowers

At Riggs CAT, we bring more than 90 years of experience to the Arkansas community — and we've applied that experience when building our stock of lawn mowers. With their competitive prices as well as packed performance and rugged build, Spartan lawn mowers are a reliable choice for contractors of all sizes. As a part of our commitment to delivering superior support to our customers, we also offer helpful options for financing your Spartan mower, including leasing.

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