Cat Undercarriage

Get lower O & O costs and longer life with a Cat undercarriage. Choose from our premium lines or try our new, lower up-front cost General Duty line. No matter what your application or conditions are, nobody has more undercarriage options for your Cat machine.

Available now for the following tractors and excavators: D6H, D6M, D6N, D6R, D6T, D7H/R, D8H/R, 320B, 320C, and 320D.

Matching undercarriage to application delivers the most value! Designed for use in low-to-moderate-impact applications where the value of Cat Heavy Duty Undercarriage is not fully needed. General Duty rounds out the Cat undercarriage options for medium-size machines. General Duty is built to Caterpillar® specifications for fit and performance on your Cat Machines. Application and usage are what determine which Cat Undercarriage best matches your work and your budget.

Maximizing the Life of Your Undercarriage

While you’re probably well aware that Cat manufactures and designs undercarriages and components for all of its track-type dozers and excavators, you may not know that practically half of the costs associated with owning and operating these track-driven machines come from the maintenance and repair of their undercarriages. That’s why maximizing the life of your fleet’s undercarriages is a proven way to get the best ROI on your Cat machinery.

When it comes to keeping your Cat undercarriage in good working order, it’s important to both give it the care it needs and monitor the operation of your machine. Consider these following tips to keep your undercarriage in good shape for the longest time possible:

  • Clean it: Large pieces of debris and mud can cake onto the tracks and speed up the wear and tear your undercarriage faces. The best way to prevent this is to conduct a daily cleaning of the tracks and regularly perform a power wash to be sure the tracks are free of dirt, rocks, clay and other pieces of debris.
  • Grease it: When doing your daily check of the tracks’ condition, make sure to grease all bushing points. This will also push out unwanted dirt and debris so the rollers operate more smoothly.
  • Tension it: Always try to maintain the optimal track tension by following the operator’s manual tension adjustment guidelines and procedures. Different tracks require different tensions, but by having each one adjusted to its proper tension, you can increase the operating life and uptime of your machine.
  • Prep it: Match the appropriate width track shoes to the job and conditions of the worksite where it will be expected to perform. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to use the most narrow shoes possible that still provide adequate traction and flotation.
  • Monitor it: Regularly review the operating habits of the equipment’s operator to check that the safest and most efficient operating and handling procedures are being followed.

Cat Undercarriage Parts

With the excellent availability of Cat parts, you can always be assured of full access to the undercarriage parts you need, including the following:

  • Sprockets and hardware
  • Bottom rollers
  • Carrier rollers
  • Idlers
  • Track groups (link assemblies, moderate shoes and hardware)

Cat Undercarriage Service

Providing superior service to our customers since 1927, Riggs CAT has the experience and expertise you need to be sure your undercarriage is serviced by a factory-trained technician with the know-how to keep your machinery running.

Remember that improperly maintained tracks and undercarriages can account for large costs in the operation of heavy machinery. For this reason, having professional input in helping you do everything from predicting track shoe wear rates to correctly diagnosing roller wear can mean the difference between conducting regularly planned maintenance and experiencing prolonged periods of downtime due to unscheduled breakdowns.

Undercarriage Life Assurance Programs

General Duty is covered by Undercarriage Assurance for 4 years and 3,000 hours. This is better than any published warranty by our competitors. Any General Duty Undercarriage sold will come with the standard parts warranty plus the Undercarriage Assurance coverage as it is stated today.

Moreover, with our undercarriage life assurance programs, you can get the lowest cost per operating time period for your undercarriage. This goes beyond simple parts warranties in order to cover the entire undercarriage’s components and system of operation. It’s our commitment to helping you achieve a maximum ROI on every piece of heavy machinery you operate.

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