Hydraulic Hose Couplings,
Service and Repair

Hydraulic Hose Couplings, Service and Repair

Hydraulic Hose Couplings, Service and Repair

With our extensive line of hydraulic hose couplings and hydraulic hoses, we offer a fast, while you wait, expert hose repair service for any of your air or fluid applications or machine requirements. Contamination is your machine’s number one enemy as it leads to machine failure. At Riggs CAT we have strict standards of cleanliness that minimize the chance of contamination.

  • Hydraulic Hose building capabilities is offered at all locations
  • All components are pneumatically cleaned to prevent contamination
  • We offer eusable and permanent crimp hose couplings
  • We have a statewide inventory of “X” hydraulic hose couplings
  • Hoses can be built while you wait
  • We can build hoses for any machine or industrial application
  • We Cap and plug each assembly, to ensure we keeps out harmful contaminants
  • Our hose service is Caterpillar 5-star certified

Hydraulic Hose Service and Repair

Not all hydraulic hoses are created equal. Each Riggs location has state-of-the-art Caterpillar hose presses to ensure you get the quality workmanship you have come to know and trust. All of our hydraulic hoses are assembled by certified technicians; visually and dimensionally checked, then cleaned to remove debris and contaminants, then finally capped.

In addition, Riggs has gone to great lengths to ensure we stock a comprehensive inventory of hose parts that our customers need. We continuously monitor and review the equipment our customers own, determine the most common required couplings and seals for those machines, and then compare those items to our on-hand inventory. We then add additional inventory to meet the anticipated needs of our customers based on the findings. The result? We now stock nearly 4,000 line items – a total of over 10,000 pieces – statewide! If you need it . . . we have it!

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