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Hydraulic Repair Services in Arkansas

Hydraulics are now the norm in all types of heavy equipment used in construction, industrial and agriculture applications. Whether you use a backhoe or track loader to move materials around your jobsite, a tractor to plow your fields or a diesel truck to deliver products to your customers, you likely have one or more hydraulic systems that are essential to its operation. If you need reliable hydraulic repair in Arkansas, you want to be sure that the company you turn to has the specialized expertise to get the job done.

When you’re looking for a partner that’s fully equipped to provide the support you need to get the most out of your heavy equipment fleet, Riggs Cat is the name local businesses know and trust since 1927. As the authorized Cat® dealer for the region, our combination of top-quality products and superior parts and service capabilities can’t be matched. Contact us today to schedule a hydraulic repair in Arkansas, and read on for more information about our complete range of capabilities.

Cylinders and Rods

Riggs CAT is your one safe source for hydraulic cylinder repair in Arkansas. We maintain a large inventory of the highest quality of standard and metric rod and tube stock to manufacture replacement cylinders or parts, which aids in fast turnaround on your hydraulic repair. Our highly skilled technicians have been trained and certified and have extensive experience working on Cat®, as well as competitive, construction machinery.

We provide all of the services required to maintain or repair hydraulic cylinders and rods including:

  • Honing capabilities up to 12” diameter x 16’ length
  • Straightening and pressing up to 200 tons
  • Torquing up to 40,000 lbs.
  • Custom cylinder fabricator
  • Repair and rebuild rods
  • Repair and rebuild cylinder tubes
  • OEM re-manufacture cylinder components
  • Re-tube cylinders
  • Exchange cylinder inventory
  • Disassembly and assembly benches at all locations
  • Induction hardened chrome rod stock in inventory

Hydraulic Hose Service

When it comes to the components in your hydraulic system, not all hoses are created equal. Each Riggs location offering hydraulic repair in Arkansas has state-of-the-art Caterpillar hose presses to ensure you get the quality workmanship you have come to know and trust. All of our hoses are assembled by certified technicians; visually and dimensionally checked, then cleaned to remove contaminants, and then finally capped. In addition, Riggs has gone to great lengths to ensure a comprehensive inventory of hose parts that our customers require. We reviewed the equipment our customers own, determined the most common required couplings and seals for those machines, and then compared those items to our on-hand inventory. We then added additional inventory to meet the anticipated needs of our customers based on those findings. The result? We now stock nearly 4,000 line items – a total of over 10,000 pieces – statewide! If you need it . . . we have it!

Pumps and Motors – Hydraulic Repair and Replacement

With today’s complicated and sensitive hydraulic systems, you need to find someone you trust to repair your problems quickly and correctly which, in turn, saves you time and money. The skilled technicians at Riggs Cat are trained to use the latest tools and technology to provide cost-effective hydraulic repair solutions, and they have experience troubleshooting and repairing pumps and motors for all categories of equipment. Our selection of hydraulic services on pumps and motors includes:

  • Service for all makes
  • Tear-down, inspection and failure analysis
  • Complete repair and reconditioning capabilities
  • Full load and pressure testing
  • Hydraulic hammer repair
  • OEM re-manufactured components
  • OEM new replacement

Hydraulic Testing

It’s critical to know your hydraulically-powered compact or heavy equipment is ready to perform safely and efficiently in virtually any application or environment. All components that Riggs Cat rebuilds or refurbishes are tested to ensure reliability and longevity. Our technicians will not send a cylinder, pump or motor back to the field without first being performance tested. We pressure test hydraulic cylinders at normal system pressure — not just testing the seal. Our pump and motor test bench allows us to simulate machine or system.

Contamination Control

Our Little Rock Hydraulic facility is climate controlled to minimize the opportunity for contamination. With the current sophisticated hydraulic systems that are designed with ultra – tight design specifications, any intrusion by contaminates can cause catastrophic failures or greatly reduce system life. We have stringent standards of cleanliness that we adhere to in order to minimize, with the intent to eliminate, component killing contaminates.


When it comes to valves for your construction equipment, the Riggs Cat team has the knowledge, parts and repair capability that will save you time and money. We carry an extensive selection of valves and related parts in stock for the fastest possible turnaround on hydraulic repairs in Arkansas. All parts will be tested before re-installation to ensure that your hydraulic repair was executed properly.

Serving Arkansas Businesses for More Than 80 Years

When you entrust your hydraulic cylinder repair job to Riggs Cat, you’ll benefit from a company that has been meeting the heavy equipment needs of area business owners like you for more than 80 years. Whether you’re in Springdale, Harrison, Fort Smith, Russelville, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Texarkana or El Dorado, we’re everywhere you need us to be for professional hydraulic repairs throughout Arkansas. We stake our hard-earned reputation on every hydraulic repair we make.

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Don’t take chances with something as important to the success of your business as the quality and performance of your heavy equipment. If you need hydraulic repair service in Arkansas, contact a Riggs CAT Product Support Rep to schedule an appointment today. Our experienced team will be happy to answer all your questions and provide an accurate work assessment and competitive quote.

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