Air Compressors

Air Compressor Rental in Arkansas

When productivity is on the line, it pays to have direct access to a selection of tools and machinery capable of getting the job done right. Whether you have a surge in demand in El Dorado or need a replacement for equipment undergoing repairs in Russellville, Riggs CAT is a go-to source for air compressors for rent in Arkansas and beyond.


Image Model Specs Rental Cart
185 CFM Diesel-Trailer Mounted Air Compressor Operating Wt.: 2
Operating PSI: 185
400 CFM Diesel-Trailer Mounted Air Compressor Operating Wt.: 4
Operating PSI: 375
750 CFM Diesel-Trailer Mounted Air Compressor Operating Wt.: 10
Operating PSI: 750

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We carry an extensive inventory of air compressor rentals produced by leading manufacturers. Our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you in identifying the right air compressors for rent in the Midsouth, Delta, ArkLaTex and across our Arkansas territory that efficiently meet your needs.

Reliable and Productive Air Compressors for Rent

Our line of late model air compressor rentals provides a cost-effective solution for finding equipment capable of powering tools and assisting in a wide range of construction, mining and industrial applications. Our portable diesel-trailer mounted air compressors are designed for consistent performance in the most rugged and challenging rental environments.

Plus, with their portability, these air compressors can bring power to your tools and applications where other models simply can’t go. They’re rugged, powerful and ready work wherever you need to be.

Check out the following features of our air compressor rentals:

  • Compact size for easy towing and job site storage.
  • Weatherproof design to ensure continuous productivity.
  • Sound attenuated casings delivering quiet operation.
  • Continuous, powerful performance with mobile capabilities.
  • Compatibility with a variety of hoses, work tools and attachments.

Benefits of Renting vs. Buying an Air Compressor

From rotary screw to oil-free models, air compressors are complex pieces of machinery that require a sizable investment of capital when you purchase one for your business. Of course, before making an investment in a machine that might not completely meet your needs, there’s a great way to try out the type of air compressor you’re interested in — and that’s by taking advantage of the reliability and convenience of Riggs CAT air compressor rentals.

Our rental solutions are simply the best choice for a whole host of reasons. Consider the following situations where an air compressor rental makes perfect business sense:

  • For businesses that suddenly experience rapid growth and/or an expanded project requirement.
  • To temporarily fill the gap left by a piece of machinery undergoing maintenance or repair.
  • When a business has an immediate need for the piece of equipment but doesn’t have sufficient capital to purchase it.
  • To try out a specific model or style of air compressor before making a purchase to see if it lives up to the challenges of a business’s applications.
  • For businesses that have limited storage space for fleet equipment and are focused on reducing ongoing costs associated with maintenance and transportation.

Common Uses for Air Compressor Rentals

Compressed air is one of the most efficient ways to power tools and other types of automated work. In the construction industry, pneumatic tools include the following:

  • Nail guns
  • Air hammers
  • Drills
  • Power wrenches
  • And more

Additionally, air compressors are a highly effective way of atomizing paints and other coatings. For this reason, large painting and industrialized coating jobs typically use air compressors to power their nozzles and applicators.

The Convenient Way to Rent an Air Compressor in Arkansas

We strive to take the time and effort out of renting equipment as a full-service provider with world-class capabilities. With locations for air compressor rentals in Northwest Arkansas, Central Arkansas, Southeast Arkansas and beyond, you never have to travel far to find the specific products you require.

The benefits of choosing Riggs CAT for air compressor rentals in Arkansas include:

  • Flexible rental terms: With daily, weekly, monthly and longer-term rentals available, there’s always a rental plan to meet your needs. And if the demands of your job change, simply contact our rental department and we’ll do everything in our power to rearrange your rental to fit your new schedule.
  • Top-rated equipment: All of our air compressors, like all of our rental equipment, are serviced and tested by certified technicians so that when they get to your site, they’re ready to perform and make your experience a positive one.
  • Round-the-clock support: With 24/7 emergency service and support to minimize downtime, you don’t just get a quality piece of rental equipment, you get the full support of Riggs CAT and our factory trained technicians to make sure your uptime is maximized.
  • Wide selection of rental equipment: You always have the ability to swap our air compressors based on your changing needs for a larger or different model to handle whatever your job demands.
  • Affordable rental rates: Our competitive pricing and free, no-obligation quotes mean you can count on Riggs CAT rental rates to help you maintain profitability and productivity. That’s why we don’t just have customers — we build relationships that last.

Are you looking for an alternative to buying new equipment, or would you like to try a product before buying it? Contact us today online, on the phone or by visiting one of our rental stores.