Machine Security Systems

The Cat® Machine Security System keeps your equipment safe by giving you control over both who can operate your machines and when. Integrated into the electronics of Cat equipment, the system guards the starting system, engine, and transmission. Only a yellow or gray security key can start the machine when the system is armed.

The Cat Machine Security System gives you many options to help you manage your equipment. Each security key is unique so operators can be restricted to certain machines or hours of operation. The system can also be programmed to allow use of the standard black key during active periods, and then, for after hours, automatically rearm.



  • Theft protection
  • Restrict machine access to known operators
  • Easily installs on all Cat equipment
  • Cat designed and machine integrated
  • Potential insurance savings

For our customers with mixed fleets, Riggs CAT also sells a third-party 12-volt security solution that will install on any brand of equipment. The EZ-Lock system is a simple but effective way to prevent theft or unauthorized use of machines with 12-volt systems. Contact your PSSR today to learn more about this affordable, any-brand solution.