The VIMS System helps you manage your entire fleet by letting each machine provide you with up-to-the-minute information about its own health and the working conditions around it. The key to letting you “listen” to your equipment is a combination of two integrated systems:

  • The VIMS On-Board System–This hardware-based system captures machine data, delivers instant feedback to the operator and makes vital machine-generated data available for download.
  • The VIMS Off-Board System–Primarily a software solution, this system helps you drill into the information, glean the relevant facts and make well-informed maintenance, operations and management decisions.

The VIMS System enables many other integrated Cat mining technologies, as well, making all your data even more powerful and valuable. Plus, Caterpillar and your dealer offer tools to help you manage and analyze your proprietary data, helping to deliver maximum value for your entire operation.

The VIMS On-Board System

The VIMS On-Board System includes a central data recorder networked with the machine’s ECMs and an array of sensors, plus downloading interfaces and a port for wireless transmissions. Recorded data can be downloaded in the shop or field, or transmitted wirelessly to the Off-Board System.

Full integration produces comprehensive results.

Unlike other monitoring systems—which may gather data from only a few components or systems—the VIMS On-Board System is fully integrated with all machine ECMs, power train components and critical machine operations. A keypad in the cab lets the operator acknowledge alerts and “talk back” to the system as required. The VIMS System Main Module acquires data from the ECMs and sensors, stores it away and compares it against preprogrammed specifications and limits. It generates in-depth, detailed data which enables the VIMS System to produce comprehensive results.

Downloading and telemetry

The VIMS On-Board System includes ports for both wired downloading and wireless transmission. Downloading stored files to a laptop computer or other device can be done in the cab or from ground level. CAN and Broadcast ports allow for the use of an optional wireless telemetry system such as MineStar™ FleetCommander and Health. Optional interface units are available providing additional wireless radio options and user scheduled file transmissions.